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Jackson Hole Area

Why the “Hole”? A valley surrounded by mountains was referred as a “hole” back in the mountain man days. Though not the first mountain man through the area, Davy Jackson spent much time here and the valley inherited his name. Originally named “Jackson’s Hole”, somewhere along the line the apostrophe was dropped, to become “Jackson Hole”.

Jackson Hole is a large, beautiful valley including Grand Teton National Park, part of the Bridger-Teton National Forest and a few little settlements, including the town of Jackson.

Where Shoshone, Blackfeet, Crow, Gros Ventre and other Native Americans once occupied Jackson Hole, today it is still inhabited by way more wildlife than humans! We live with moose, deer, elk, bear, fox, coyote, wolves, antelope, bison, mountain lions, porcupine and many more wild critters. On our property, you’re most apt to see moose, coyote, deer and fox. But, we’re happy to point out areas where other animals are prevalent.

Early summer is the season for viewing the “baby creatures”! What a treat to watch baby bison prancing, new-born moose trailing close behind moms and tiny elk guarded by their herd of mothers.

Jackson Hole is home to the largest elk herd in America, when in winter around 10,000 elk come out of the surrounding mountain areas to dine at the National Elk Refuge just north of the town of Jackson. Coyotes, wolves and mountain lions can occasionally be seen near this diner

Teton View Bed and Breakfast guests enjoy being in a great location; halfway between the newest entrance to Grand Teton National Park and the town of Jackson. Located in a rural residential neighborhood, we offer peace, quiet and marvelous views of the Grand Tetons, yet we’re but a few minutes to several highly recommended restaurants and only 6 miles to the town of Jackson.

The town of Jackson; you’ll step back in time with a stroll on its wooden sidewalks where elk antler arches welcome visitors into the town square. A vast array of unique shops, art galleries and theatre extravaganzas await the curious visitor. Dining possibilities are numerous ranging from wild west chuckwagon dinner shows to more refined culinary experiences.

A visit to the Jackson Hole area typically means enjoying our two spectacular national parks; and for good reason! The best way to sum up the difference between Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks is unique geology versus sheer beauty. Where the wonders of the thermal activity in Yellowstone are a must see for those who haven’t, for scenic beauty, Grand Teton National Park is hard to beat. Day long trips can be made to either park. Plan for a long day when you visit Yellowstone. We’ll point you in the right direction so you can enjoy the best of the parks.

At the heart of Grand Teton National Park stands the Grand Teton at 13,771 feet; around 7,500 feet above the valley floor. This massive hunk of granite is surrounded by other impressive mountains. Mt. Owen, Moran, Teewinot and the Middle and South Tetons are among twelve mountains in the Teton Range which stretch higher than 12,000 feet. Pristine lakes complimenting the rock, Jenny, String, Leigh, Bearpaw, Phelps, Taggart and Bradley Lakes lie on the flanks of the range providing spectacular settings for the rocky spires. Hiking trails wind their way through the forests and meadows surrounding these lakes displaying a myriad of wild flowers and providing a safe haven for wildlife.

Highlights of Things to do while in Jackson Hole

River rafting

A scenic float trip on a raft through Grand Teton National Park is a wonderful experience. This trip is generally a gentle one and you usually stay dry. But for those seeking more of a thrill, a whitewater rafting experience is a lot of fun and you can expect to get wet. The volume of water in the river greatly affects the ride.

Scenic Drives

Driving anywhwere between our home and Grand Teton National Park or on towards Yellowstone is highly scenic. We suggest spending your days in these spectacular parks. But, for those of you who frequent our area, inquire about other places to visit within 1 – 2 hours drive of us, offering very different, yet beautiful terrain and some “secret” spots.


Try one of the hikes mentioned below, or perhaps a stroll along the Snake River near our home, to get a “feel” of the energy of our mountains.

One of the most popular hiking trails begins with a short boat ride across Jenny Lake and goes to Hidden Falls, a half mile walk. Hike another 0.4of a mile uphill to Inspiration Point, for great views. Take the South Jenny Lake turn off from the Teton Park Road. One boards the boat at the southern part of the lake near its outlet, at the south side of the parking lot. Or you can walk the approximate two miles around the western part of the lake, to the north or south, a scenic walk along the shoreline.

For the slightly more ambitious, walk just a few hundred yards beyond Inspiration Point. Here, the trail levels off for a few miles, allowing an unforgettable hike up narrow Cascade Canyon where the canyon walls tower over 7,000 feet above you. A rocky moraine slides into a peaceful small lake where moose frequent. Some of the finest views of the park are along this portion of the trail and one can witness the art of glacial sculpturing. Eat a picnic lunch by the lake and enjoy your return hike with different views of the mountains and Jenny Lake. Look for rock climbers while in this canyon.

Another scenic and easy hike is to Taggart Lake, 1.6 miles, and Bradley Lake, 2.0 miles, from the Taggart Lake Trail parking area (2.7 miles north of the Moose Entrance Station on Teton Park Road). This trail winds through the new growth of a forest which was burned in the late summer of 1985 due to a lightning strike. The Grand Teton looms in the background providing a perfect backdrop to the beautiful lakes.

We highly recommend walking the 4 mile loop trail to Taggart Lake which provides a different path back to the parking lot. Near Taggart Lake you have the option of adding Bradley Lake to your journey. There are great picnic spots right on the lakeshores.

Just behind the Colter Bay Visitor Center is a nice 1 or 2 mile fairly level shoreline loop trail providing spectacular views of the Teton Range and Jackson Lake. There are many other trails in this vicinity, as well, offering over 9 miles of trails on or near the shoreline between Colter Bay and the Jackson Lake Lodge. These are part of the Hermitage Point trail system.

Feeling in good shape and ready for a more challenging hike? A visit to Surprise and Amphitheater Lakes will reward you with fantastic views of granite spires above, and Jackson Hole below. You gain around 3,000 vertical feet in 5 miles where the beautiful lakes sit at the base of a high cirque on Disappointment Peak and the Grand Teton looms behind. This hike is rated difficult only due to the elevation gain. We feel this hike allows you to best feel and experience the Tetons as you can just about reach up and touch the Grand! (OK, so your arm must be a few thousand feet long........but really, it is a great feeling up there!) Oh, be prepared for snow encounters during June hikes. July is the only month of the year that the Tetons rarely receive snow. But, now and again, it even snows in July!

Please be prepared when hiking in mountain regions. It is advised to check national park visitor information centers for the latest in trail and weather information. Carry water, snacks and appropriate clothing for changing weather conditions which may include rain, wind, sudden drops in temperature or even snow. You are in a dry climate here and probably need to drink way more water than you normally do. You may notice heavier breathing than usual…the altitude is to blame…take it easy. Talking or whistling along the trail is an idea as you are sharing the park with 4-legged mammals and it is good that they know you are coming. Have fun experiencing the magic of the mountains!

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